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Heritage Installs offer a tailor made service for your upvc window needs. We know that different home requires different styles and different colours. That’s why we offer a wide range for you to choose from with a wide range of prices from within our quality uPVC ranges. We are here to provide expert knowledge and to help make your choice easier.

Window Styles

There are various styles to choose from to create your perfect look. Here are some of the options available to you.

Casement – One of our most popular choices; this style of window can suit most properties from the conventional and time-honoured homes to the more modern elegant property. Our casement windows can provide the desired security and warmth essential for your comfort.

Tilt & Turn – When it comes to letting the outdoors feel like part of your home our tilt & turn windows is a key choice. It allows your home to fell light and spacious letting the fresh air in but has the security to keep intruders out. The benefit of having this style of window is the dual purpose, a quarter turn of the handle opens the window inwards from the bottom hinges this is ideal for ventilation or turning half a turn of the handle allows the window to swing inwards on the side hinge thus allowing for cleaning of the glass and frames on the outside of the window.

Sash – Heritage sash windows can preserve the traditional elegance to your home or bring a rustic sophistication to a more modern home. We offer the traditional sash window design but with the latest technical excellence and superb look, whether you chose from our uPVC option or our timber selection.

Shaped – Most people think of windows as being rectangular but there are properties that require something a little more specialised. We can offer a wide range of replacement shaped windows whether it be circular, arched or combination.

Benefits of our windows

  • uPVC Dual colour
  • Double glazed ‘A’ Rated or ‘C’ Rated
  • Choice of accessories
  • Textured glass range
  • Stress free installation