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Tree Surgeon

Tree Surgeon Services


Sometimes when we carry out outdoor improvements, such as extensions, conservatories, driveways etc. You may need the services of a tree surgeon, to remove trees, stumps or hedges.

Here at Heritage Installs we are happy to recommend the services of Northwest Trees & Stumps Ltd, based here in South Manchester. They provide quality services and are one of the highest rated tree surgeons in the Northwest UK.

Tree Surgeon

Tree Surgeon

Tree Removal

We understand that the thought of tree removal can be daunting.

Our tree surgeons have safely and efficiently removed many trees of all shapes and sizes over the years.

We are able to both remove (cut down) and dispose of a large number of trees from any site or premises, usually in one visit. Our wood chippers “chip down” the tree(s) limbs into smaller pieces of wood; some clients that like to keep these smaller pieces of wood for either landscaping purposes in their gardens or for other gardening use.

We are able to remove small trees to another location or completely remove the tree by cutting it down. Either way, the intention of tree removal is to remove the tree from it’s current location.

Trees are a valuable resource that we all want to preserve, however, like all things, trees have a life expectancy. Sometimes a tree with a problem cannot be fixed by pruning and trimming or any other tree surgery and becomes a hinderance to your garden. As such, it will need to be removed from the property.

Our highly experienced and qualified tree surgeons have a passion for tree care, tree felling and removal, all other tree surgery jobs, landscaping and garden maintenance.



A stump grinder consumes the wood stump that remains after a tree has been removed. All stump grinders use powerful, rotating blades that cut into the wood as they rotate. The blade’s teeth splinter the stump’s wood into small pieces. The blade is guided over the stump by an operator, reducing it to wood chips and removing it to well below ground level.

Stump Grinding NWTAS

Stump Grinding NWTAS


Probably not. A lightweight, small, rented stump grinder requires more time and physical effort from you, and your stump may simply be too large to handle with a rented stump grinder. And, as anyone who has used them is aware, there is no guarantee that the equipment is in good working order or even safe to use. When at all possible, avoid this option.



Please first get in touch with us. Call 0161-410-5354. We can assess your situation and provide you with an estimate for tree stump removal. You might be surprised at how cheap it can be when compared to doing it yourself. Even for large stumps, most stump removal jobs are completed in a matter of hours.


When we remove a tree, we always offer stump removal services, including explaining the benefits of having your stump professionally removed and the benefits of tree-stump mulch for your garden.